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Shape the Future of Fitness in Europe

Join us in a pivotal annual event, the General Assembly, happening the Tuesday before the European Health & Fitness Forum (EHFF) every year. 
This significant assembly invites all EuropeActive members to participate in board member elections and the approval of the annual budget, setting the direction for the future of fitness and physical activity in Europe.

Why Participate?

The General Assembly is more than an event; it's an opportunity to be at the forefront of defining the future of fitness in Europe. By participating, you're not just voting for board members; you're contributing to the strategic direction and success of the entire sector. Whether by nominating a candidate, voting, or engaging in the assembly discussions, your involvement is crucial.

Voting Procedure

  • Each newly elected Board member will serve a term of 3 years
  • Each paid-up EuropeActive member can cast a maximum of one vote to select their preferred candidates. 
  • The initial selection of candidates prior to voting will be managed by the Selection and Appointments Committee which is comprised of: two existing EuropeActive Board Members, EuropeActive Vice-President and EuropeActive Executive Director.

Nomination Requirements

✅ Membership with EuropeActive 2024

✅ Commitment to maintain membership throughout the board tenure

✅ 50-word (maximum) biography

✅ 100-word (maximum) reply to the following question: 
Why is it important to have a trade body for the European fitness and physical activity sector, and how you can help deliver the new strategy for EuropeActive in the next three years? 

✅  Nominations and subsequent voting should bear in mind the skills and experiences of the fitness and physical activity sector, and the need for the Board to have good geographical coverage of Europe. 

Call for Board Member Candidates

🛑 Nomination Deadline: 
Noon CET, 15th March 2024
 Can no longer submit your Application

Begin the journey by nominating visionary leaders to guide EuropeActive. Candidates passionate about advancing the European fitness and physical activity sector are invited to stand for election to the Board of Directors.

Voting Commences

Voting Commences: 
22nd March 2024
ℹ️  Members have received the voting link

Cast your vote for the candidates you believe will best represent and advance our mission. Every vote shapes the future direction of EuropeActive.

Voting Ends

🛑 Voting Ends: 
once the General Assembly commences

We reach the moment when every vote has been cast, and every voice has had the chance to contribute to the shaping of our community's future. The voting phase concludes.

General Assembly

🏁 General Assembly commences:
16.00, 9th of April 2024

The culminating event where the results are announced, and the annual budget is discussed and approved. Join us in making pivotal decisions that will influence the European fitness and physical activity sector.

Our Board of Directors Vacancies

This year, we are excited to announce that there are four board vacancies available within our esteemed board of 11 members. Our board plays a pivotal role in shaping the future and direction of our organization, and we are seeking passionate and committed individuals to join us in this journey. 

See the list of our full Board of Directors

Anne Leroy

National Association

Board term ending

Jana Havrdová

National Association

Board term ending
Up for Re-election!

John Treharne

United Kingdom

Board term ending
Up for Re-election!

Veronica Telleschi

National Association

Board term ending
Up for Re-election!