EuropeActive launches Green Audit project to address sustainability in fitness and sport clubs

On Wednesday 1 June, a new Erasmus+ funded project entitled “Green Audit for Sport and Fitness clubs” was officially launched by EuropeActive.  

The project aims to develop a comprehensive green audit tool for fitness and sport stakeholders in order to help them assess their current carbon footprint and support them in reducing it. The scheme will be piloted by 30 clubs in 5 countries (DE, ES, IE, NL, PT) before being made available to the wider fitness and physical activity sector. The project will also support the sector to reach net zero through ambitious policy recommendations.  

A first successful Technical Expert Group (TEG) meeting took place on 8-9 June in Copenhagen, the capital of the greenest country in the world, hosted by Danish project partner Nordic Sustainability. A value-based consultancy firm working at the intersection of strategy and sustainability, Nordic Sustainability is a leading expert in the field, helping public and private sector organisations make better decisions and transform their organisations towards true sustainable practices.   

Joining the meeting was Danish external consultant Anna Fenger, a journalist, author and editor of several international reports and articles on climate change, clean energy and sustainability.   

The TEG made good progress in defining the scope and content of the green audit scheme, using the ambitious Future-Fit Business Benchmark framework as main inspiration. The prototype of a digital platform displaying the audit self-assessment questions and recommendations was also envisioned.  

Stay tuned for more updates about this exciting project in the coming weeks! 

Gisella Guglielminotti 9 February 2024
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EuropeActive runs second partner meeting of the ‘Green Audit’ project