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EuropeActive is well aware of how digital developments have an impact on our industry. Therefore, we are following the recent digital and technological initiatives with a close eye. Being based in Brussels allows us to be informed and exposed to EU developments daily.  

The Masters of Digital 2024 edition, one of the main events focusing on digital, took place last week and EuropeActive did not miss the chance to attend it. The event took place at a crucial time as the future of Europe’s technology landscape is shaping and provided a platform for policymakers, industry leaders, and experts to discuss and chart the course for Europe’s digital transformation and the path towards 2030. Under the theme “Europe 2030: A Digital Powerhouse” organized by DIGITALEUROPE, this year’s event delved into the profound impact of AI and emerging technologies on Europe’s economy, society, and sustainability. The conference explored the transformative potential of digital innovation in fostering economic growth, driving the digital and green transition, and ensuring Europe’s global competitiveness. 

EuropeActive attended the sessions on “Data, Diagnosis, Delivery: Europe's Path to a Smart, Sustainable, and Accessible Healthcare Future” and “AI-Made in Europe”. Although the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act was officially adopted on 2 February 2024 other pieces of legislation are coming into place, i.e.; the Network and Information Security (NIS2) Directive, Cyber Resilience Act, Digital Services Act, etc.) there is still the need of legal clarity about digitalization. Mr. Roberto Viola Director General at DG CNECT in the European Commission, and Mr. Dragos Tudorache, Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur for the AI Act agreed that we are moving forward, and that AI and technology can overcome barriers to accessing data if legislative initiatives are consistent.   

Digitalization and AI can make people healthier in the future and access to these technologies can become a B2C business model option, rather than a pure B2B. Innovation in healthcare is key as long as data trust and privacy among the industry and users are ensured.  

To keep up with the current challenges as well as opportunities, the healthcare sector, along with EuropeActive’s sector, shall develop partnerships and collaborate with the different stakeholders involved to ensure a fitter future. 


Ilaria Ragni 28 March 2024
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